Do Employees REALLY Want To Work From Home?

Do Employees REALLY Want To Work From Home? From PRNewswire Apparently not.  A new survey by Randstad US finds 62% of U.S. employees prefer going to the office. According to the survey, 82% of U.S. workers say the ability to work from anywhere at any time allows them to have better work-life balance.  But despite that answer, [...]

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What is a credit score? Sponsored by Equifax.

School loans, purchasing a house, or putting the pedal to the metal in a new car; you may think the “price tag” is the most important number in this equation, but in realty, your credit score determines whether or not you even qualify for the purchase. In partnership with Equifax, we’re launching a new blog series to help you [...]

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Helping Bridge the Pay Gap, More Women Are Taking on Side Hustles Than Men

  Toronto, Canada - December 31, 2016: UberEats delivery  35 percent of women have a side hustle, versus 28 percent of men African American and Hispanic workers more likely to have side hustles compared to White and Asian workers 1 in 4 workers making more than $75k and 19 percent of those making more than $100k currently [...]

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3 Ways to Attract Millennial Talent and Why You Should   Many companies have a “can’t live with ‘em, can’t kill ‘em” mindset when it comes to millennials. But though some millennials may inspire headshakes and eye rolls, savvy companies like Atlanta’s MELT Sports & Entertainment see past the stereotypes and realize this generation is not only capable and creative but poised to create a bright future for [...]

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Streamlining the Online Experience for Investors

One of the most urgent issues facing the investment industry in 2016 is the challenge of engaging with customers online in a simple and streamlined way, while still ensuring they are providing the best, most complete and timely information available.  Companies like Fisher Investments and others have recognized the need to maximize the accessibility of information so that customers with differing levels of technical ability will be comfortable [...]

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4 Top Tips for Working from Home

In today's guest post, Ryan Miller from Modernize shares some great suggestions for working from home.  Having worked from home for years, I can attest:  Good tips... all.  Not always 100% doable but important to at least try!   -- Dana The perks of working from home seem to be endless! The commute is traffic-free, you can work with your [...]

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IDEATOR: Great Ideas Come From Everywhere

Today's guest poster, Jeremy Sanders, Co-Founder of Ideator, says that great ideas come from everywhere. But he also acknowledges that many people with great ideas often need or just want help to to turn their idea into a business. Ideator provides that help to startups and entrepreneurs, as well as to people that just have ideas which is why we invited Jeremy to [...]

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Margaret Lisi on The Line Between Accountability and Profitability…

As Marketers, Where Should We Draw the Line Between Accountability and Profitability? And Is That Our Responsibility or Our Client’s? Who bears the responsibility for creating awareness for, or being aware of, the claims a company makes of its product? Is it a company, its marketing agency, or the consumer? Well, ideally it’s the company living its values. I [...]

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The First Rule of Crisis Communications: Be Prepared

By Sean Selman ST!R Marketing Not all news is good news, and no company or business wants to be the center of negative attention in a news cycle. But the reality is – it can happen, at almost any time, and you have to be prepared before it hits. These situations are never easy, but they can be managed [...]

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Engage Your Front Line to Shake Up the Status Quo

Earlier this week, Dana and I tackled the idea of disruptive employee communications on her radio show.  Studied show that over 70% of us are not engaged at work.  Encouraging employees to disrupt in a good way could be the answer! Disruptive is the new buzzword in business today. Disruptive technology, innovation, finance—as a business model, disruption turns an industry [...]

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