Dana’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Not kidding... these are the so good.  Chewy, rich and kind of addictive.  I got this recipe, the old fashioned way... I googled.  And then tweaked a bit.  The original recipe is from Savory Sweet Life (which btw you can get lost there forever if you are the kind of person who gets lost in cookbooks!  It's a great site. [...]

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A Real Life Scary Story…

In today’s post, regular contributor Denise Neary shares a personal family tragedy with Midtown Review.  Please join me in supporting her family in this terrible time. Friends of Kevin Neary Do you ever read a good book, and think “really interesting, exciting, but so not like my own life?  Me, too. No more. On the morning of November 15, my [...]

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Random Reflections

Need some help procrastinating today?  Reflect on this: #1 – Why do they make dog treats in the shape of little bones and hearts? I was in the pet super store the other day looking for some treats for my dog and I started to wonder why they make treats in cutsie little shapes like bones and hearts and [...]

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Top 5 Reasons Books are Better than Doughnuts

Happy National Doughnut Day! Did you know it was National Doughnut Day today?  Did you know there was a National Doughnut Day?  Does the fact that there is a National Day for well... Doughnuts (and hot dogs and every other freakin' thing under the sun) bother you in any way?  Most importantly did you get your free doughnuts?  These [...]

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Gettin’ Busy

Summer is proving to be a busy time for all of us here at Midtown Review - so I thought I should give you an update on all of our literary adventures! Book Expo America -- Our intrepid reporter Denise Neary just got back from a book lover's paradise where she reports that she attended breakfasts with Roger Ebert, [...]

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How to Find Work in this Crazy Economy

People keep saying the economy is getting better and things are looking up – but there are still plenty of people out there looking for work and according to author Ben Hudson things have changed.  Traditional methods of finding a job don’t work anymore.  He describes putting together a resume and sending it out is just a solution looking [...]

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Random Reflections

The Random Reflections column has a new name.  It is no longer “Random Reflections from the Week”, but rather has been shortened to “Random Reflections”.  This change will allow for additional randomness.  Perhaps something random was in fact observed earlier in the month, or last year.  Well, now that randomness can be written about with no associated feelings of [...]

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Random Reflections from the Week

It’s been a busy week here at Midtown Review.  After recovering from our Oscar party hi-jinx, I released the latest podcast with New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry and then interviewed authors Brad Taylor and Adriana Trigiani for some upcoming episodes. (That’s a lot of reading, my friends!)  We also had a second discussion of THE SECRETS OF [...]

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Clearance Sales are for Suckers

In a way, all retailers, product manufacturers and car salesman are banking on the fact that most of us are suckers.  At least when we go out to buy stuff.  We are now bombarded with “necessary” items like toothbrushes with timers, skincare products that will (not) make us look 10 years younger and coffee we’ll pay three times as [...]

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