Top 5 Gift Books for Him

Do you have a guy on your list that is just impossible to shop for?  Well, not anymore.  Here are Midtown Review's top 5 gift books for the men on your list this season:    Concerned about the obvious stereotyping in this list?  Me too. So for those who have broken the mold, I offer this...  

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Books on the Big Screen: SEPTEMBER 2011

Ah books and movies, movies and books.   Sometimes I have a hard time choosing which I like better.  It’s like choosing between chocolate and vanilla.  For some people there is no contest – they fall firmly on one side or the other.  For me, I’d just as soon have them swirled together (in a cone, please).  So when [...]

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5 Cool Books for These Hot Days

Yeah it's hot out.  In fact in some parts of the country, it's hard to think about anything else but how freakin' hot it is.  But we at Midtown Review are here for you.  Today's list of cool reads have absolutely nothing in common.  They're just cool.  And will hopefully prove to be a welcome distraction from the heat. [...]

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Top 5 Reasons Books are Better than Doughnuts

Happy National Doughnut Day! Did you know it was National Doughnut Day today?  Did you know there was a National Doughnut Day?  Does the fact that there is a National Day for well... Doughnuts (and hot dogs and every other freakin' thing under the sun) bother you in any way?  Most importantly did you get your free doughnuts?  These [...]

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Top 5 Kids Books for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  Today I am doing my part to help Mother Earth by doing absolutely nothing.  I figure if I sit perfectly still, I won't be creating any trash or wasting any electricity.  Okay, I had to make an exception to write this post - but after this I'm going to turn off the laptop (okay and the [...]

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Top 5 New & Noteworthy Non-Fiction

Did you ever wonder why non fiction is described in the negative… not fiction?  Why is that section of the store not just called “truth”.  Or perhaps “truthiness” as Stephen Colbert would say?  Who knows?  All I know is that for a long time, I steered away from non-fiction.  Too much like school maybe, too serious, too… well… boring.  [...]

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Need Something to Look Forward To?

Top 5 Pre-Orders for Spring 2011 I love having something to look forward to – a trip that’s planned with the tickets carefully tucked in a drawer, a concert or play coming up in the next few weeks, or an order I’ve placed and a package on the way.  That’s one of the great things about books, there are [...]

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Top 5 Old School Sci-Fi Books

At this time of year – when Winter just seems to drag on and on – you might find yourself in need of a little escapism.  And if you’re going to go – you might as well go far.  How ’bout to the future?  Or another world?  Or another world IN the future?   And where better to find great [...]

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And The Oscar Goes To…

This week it’s all about Oscar buzz.  My friend Cindy is diligently working her way through all of the Oscar contenders while I am satisfied to get a chuckle from the the ridiculous TV commercials for the show starring co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Our regular contributor Denise Neary has turned her Oscar excitement bookwards and has a [...]

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