Feeling Randy?

Though American Idol does air tonight, I’m actually not talking about Randy Jackson, but instead Ayn Rand. With this week’s limited release of the long awaited movie version of ATLAS SHRUGGED and the Tea Party’s love for Ayn Rand, the interwebs are all a-buzz. If you don’t know who John Galt is, and haven’t gotten around to reading the [...]

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Would You Care For Some Lies With Your Tea?

Here we go again... Remember the Oprah - Jame Frey debacle over the fictitious A MILLION LITTLE PIECES he tried to pass off as fact? Now, reputable author Jon Krakauer (INTO THE WILD, INTO THIN AIR) says the book THREE CUPS OF TEA by Greg Mortensen is a pack of lies. And he substantiates that claim with photos and [...]

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Celebrate National Poetry Month

Regular Contributor Denise Neary is back today with a look at some of the great activities going on around the country for National Poetry Month.  I’ve written a Haiku (see below) How will you join the fun? April is National Poetry Month… and if you haven’t read poetry since middle school, it’s time to come back.  Poetry goes modern [...]

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Writers Give Back

These days giving back is the new black; totally chic and makes you look thinner (in the wallet anyway).  The good news: there are tons of reputable non-profits to choose from when considering where to give.  The bad news:  there are so many options it’s hard to know what to choose.  And the giving has gotten way more creative [...]

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Clearance Sales are for Suckers

In a way, all retailers, product manufacturers and car salesman are banking on the fact that most of us are suckers.  At least when we go out to buy stuff.  We are now bombarded with “necessary” items like toothbrushes with timers, skincare products that will (not) make us look 10 years younger and coffee we’ll pay three times as [...]

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Chaper 11 for Borders

Earlier this week, Borders turned to the one chapter most everyone would rather avoid.  Chapter 11.  Though it came as no surprise to the industry or consumers, the affect of this latest move could be pretty daunting not only for the company and its employees, but for the landlords, communities and vendors as well. As part of the plan [...]

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Authors Around Town

The 75th anniversary celebration of GONE WITH THE WIND begins! Can you believe it’s been 75 years?  Seems like just yesterday… okay maybe not…  But for writers and readers (and movie-goers) everywhere, this book has had quite an impact and 75 years is worth celebrating!  Our intrepid Atlanta area Event Reporter and Regular Contributor Ana Raquel reports: What better [...]

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Authors Around Town

Last night was a big author night in Atlanta.  We had Chris Bohjalian (SECRETS OF EDEN) at the Margaret Mitchell House, and Dolen Perkins-Valdez (WENCH) at the Barnes & Noble in Buckhead.  I got out to hear Chris after interviewing him for the Midtown Review podcast earlier in the day (look for the interview next week!) and our newest [...]

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Love Glee? Jane Lynch Memoir Just Announced!

Can't get enough of the wise-cracking, sweat suit wearing Sue Sylvester on Glee?  As you probably know Sue is played by the incredibly talented Jane Lynch who may be the only person who can rock both a sweat suit styled wedding dress and an updated version of Madonna's Vogue vide0 AND who had a pretty amazing career before Glee [...]

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Short But Sweet

Amazon Announces Kindle Singles These days we like everything fast and in small doses (well… maybe not everything), but as a culture we do seem kind of obsessed with brevity:  meals in minutes, conversations in 140 characters or less and acronyms to describe how much we’re laughing.   So maybe that’s why Amazon has decided to launch a new way [...]

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