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The Mail Delivery Subsystem is Working My Last Nerve!

You know what really pisses me off?  The Mail Delivery Subsystem.  Who created this?  And why did they think the emails kicked out by this thing are in anyway helpful? You know the ones I mean.  The long, rambling, ridiculous emails that contain loads of numbers and letters that I think may actually form a coherent message for an [...]

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My Local Grocery Store Makes Me Mad

Why do grocery stores insist on selling fresh chicken and beef and package sizes like 1.4 lbs or 1.2 lbs when every recipe I have ever seen has called for 1 lb of chicken breasts or 2 lbs or stew meat?  Clearly it's a conspiracy to get me to buy more than I really want and it pisses me [...]

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Random Reflections

Need some help procrastinating today?  Reflect on this: #1 – Why do they make dog treats in the shape of little bones and hearts? I was in the pet super store the other day looking for some treats for my dog and I started to wonder why they make treats in cutsie little shapes like bones and hearts and [...]

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Midtown Review Turns Down Million Dollar Offer from Amazon

Blah, blah — April Fools! Okay – now that that’s over with…my inner (and often outer) cynic just has to say… I really don’t like April Fool’s Day.  In fact I think I like April Fool’s Day about as much as people pinching me on St. Patty’s Day or a bogus “Clearance Sale” or a chain email. I felt [...]

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Random Reflections

The Random Reflections column has a new name.  It is no longer “Random Reflections from the Week”, but rather has been shortened to “Random Reflections”.  This change will allow for additional randomness.  Perhaps something random was in fact observed earlier in the month, or last year.  Well, now that randomness can be written about with no associated feelings of [...]

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Random Reflections from the Week

It’s been a busy week here at Midtown Review.  After recovering from our Oscar party hi-jinx, I released the latest podcast with New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry and then interviewed authors Brad Taylor and Adriana Trigiani for some upcoming episodes. (That’s a lot of reading, my friends!)  We also had a second discussion of THE SECRETS OF [...]

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Random Reflections from the Week

Another great week here at Midtown Review.  We introduced two new contributors, Denise Neary and Ana Raquel – both with great perspectives and a great love for books AND our podcast is now available on iTunes.  Click here to subscribe! And as usual as all that was going on, I had a few random thoughts I just had to [...]

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Random Reflections from the Week

Another batch of random reflections from the week. #1 – Just because people laugh, doesn’t mean it’s funny. I went to a comedy club the other night for the first time in years (The Laughing Skull Lounge in Midtown) and had a great time.  I laughed.  A lot.  All the comedians I saw (there were 4 before the headliner) [...]

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Random Reflections from the Week

It’s been a busy week here at Midtown Review… we got our new logo (thanks to U-Turn Creative) started our Facebook fan page (we would really like it, if you liked us), recorded an interview with author CJ Lyons (look for that post this coming Tuesday) and began working on our new book club program (details to come!).  But [...]

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