Book Review: HALF A LIFE

Regular Contributor Denise Neary is back today with a review of a memoir by acclaimed fiction writer Darin Strauss (CHANG AND ENG). I am a sucker for the beautifully written tragedy. I love to read about horrific events and wonder:  what would I do; how would I react?  Usually, my preferred choice for beautiful tragedy is fiction: The Lovely [...]

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Amy Hearts ARDENCY

Poet and Regular Contributor Amy Pence is back today with a compelling review of Ardency by Kevin Young – and a convincing argument for paper over digital. I ♥ Ardency. Kevin Young’s collection of poetry Ardency: A Chronicle of the Amistad Rebels is proof of why I still love actual physical books.  Poetry has long been our record of [...]

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A Sandwich by Any Other Name…

Tired of the same ole ham and cheese or tuna sandwich?  Midtown Review is here for you.  Regular contributor Ana Raquel is back with a cookbook review that will have you rethinking the sandwich.  And will leave you really hungry.  Just sayin’. As the proud owner of a culinary library with over 6,000 cookbooks, I can honestly say that [...]

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Poetry Review: April Awakenings

April is Poetry Month, and our regular contributor Amy Pence is back with a review of two collections that will pique your interest even if you’re not a long time lover of poetry. Why can’t the mind bear to stay/   in the beauties that surround it?—Chase Twichell It’s a good question to take into April—not coincidentally Poetry Month— when [...]

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New Poetry: Short but Tweet

In today’s post, regular contributor and poet Amy Pence is back with her latest poetry review.  Alas sweet readers, even Amy’s reviews read like poetry: Now that I have convinced you—hopefully—to read poetry as much as you do those bite-sized tweets, I invite you to take up another startling book of poetry: Keetje Kuipers’s Beautiful in the Mouth. Selected [...]

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Regular contributor Jozette Kauffman is back today with her review of the THE QUEEN OF PALMYRA by Minrose Gwin.  Sounds like a tough but incredible read that is well worth the time.  It also sounds like a great choice for book clubs. Summary (from the publisher): In the turbulent southern summer of 1963, Millwood’s white population steers clear of [...]

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Reading Rx

It is true that for some of us books are our biggest comfort.  Just looking around my apartment at the stacks of books makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and getting to spend hours curled up with one is a luxury, a blessing and sometimes even a cure.  In today’s post, regular contributor Denise Neary shares her prescription [...]

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Poems are the New Tweets

Welcome to our newest regular contributor, Amy Pence, who joins Midtown Review as our poetry guru.  If we relied on my experience with poetry there would be a lot of “There once was a man from Nantucket…” in the mix! So thanks to Amy for her expertise today and in many more posts to come! Poems are the new [...]

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Cooking Up A Love Storm

In today’s post, our newest regular contributor and food expert Jozette Kauffman celebrates Valentine’s Day with some yummy food and a dash of gross humor.  In her post, she wonders if I’ll invite her back after her foray into bodily function.  How could I not?  We here at Midtown Review love some inappropriate humor mixed in with our sappy [...]

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ROOM with a Viewpoint

Emma Donoghue explores some unquestionably scary territory in her latest novel ROOM.  The story’s narrator, Jack is born in captivity in a small shed where his mother has been abducted and forced to live for years.  From that description, you might be expecting something gruesome but what Donoghue has produced is touching, smart, sweet, uplifting and funny. For me, [...]

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