Chelsea Handler is the Cure for Road Rage

I’m gonna be honest here… I bought the audio version of Chelsea Handler’s ARE YOU THERE VODKA? IT’S ME, CHELSEA because it was on sale. I had a long drive planned and I wanted something light and fun that would distract me from all the idiots on the road. (Just what you want… another distracted driver, right?) Anyway, I [...]

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What Would Hannah Do?

We’ve all seen the homeless begging for food or money on the street.  And we’ve all had a range of reactions, from giving a couple bucks or a sandwich, to trying not to make eye contact, to feeling guilty to wishing things were different.  But for most of us the experience is momentary and just part of life we [...]

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An Object of Beauty is Just That

There is no doubt that Steve Martin is a modern-day Renaissance Man. He’s a talented actor and incredible… author? Reading Steve Martin’s latest novel An Object of Beauty, I was confronted with more than a few questioning looks. “Is that written by the Steve Martin?” It is! Amazing, no? And all you thought he was good for were those [...]

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Take SAG HARBOR to the Beach

I know it’s December and not the usual time of year for talking about beach books, but if you’re lucky enough to be heading out for a holiday cruise or a beach vacation you’ll want to take SAG HARBOR with you. But be prepared…Colson Whitehead’s SAG HARBOR is not your average beach book. It’s better. It’s not a mushy [...]

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