STICK WITH IT! 8 Week Series with Dr. Sean Young Force #2: Community One of the quickest ways to kick a bad or unwanted habit? Community. In fact, according to STICK WITH IT author, Dr. Sean Young, within 12 weeks, those who join and participate in a group are 2-3X more likely to change their behavior! In part two of our new series, Dr. Young takes a deeper dive into this [...]

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STICK WITH IT! 8 Week Series with Dr. Sean Young Force #1: Step Ladders   Most of what we do is not habit, but behavior.  So breaking bad habits or even creating new good habits won’t solve all your problems. In part one of our series with Dr. Sean Young, author of STICK WITH IT: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life for Good, we talk about the three different types [...]

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Social Media Trolls, Electirc Cars, and CEO-Worker Pay Ratio

Today's show was all about the rants and headlines. The big question... Why do you post on social media?  What motivates you, and what do you hope to achieve? In the local headlines: Journalist (and Georgia Southern Professor) Who Exposed The Racist Creator Of Trump’s CNN Tweet Gets Death Threats ( ) AND RELATED: #CNNBlackmail: Outrage after [...]

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