Regular Contributor Denise Neary is back today with a look at some of the great activities going on around the country for National Poetry Month.  I’ve written a Haiku (see below) How will you join the fun?

April is National Poetry Month… and if you haven’t read poetry since middle school, it’s time to come back.  Poetry goes modern and gets convenient.  You can sit back and be inspired in a whole new way. Want a poem sent to you by email every day?  Interested in a poem for a particular mood?   Want to sign up for tweets from the poet of the day?

You can do all of that and more at the Academy of American Poets website:

Check out this calendar of events:

But hurry, April is almost half way over and you may have already missed several great events.  Not to worry, there are still so many more to come!

Bookstores, schools, concert halls are all in on the celebration.  From Towson University’s Cruelest Month Festival (geared to those who reenact all interactions to try to discern why they went so badly) to the University of South Florida at Tampa’s celebrations including three-time U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky talking about jazz and poetry, there is an event or program to fit every mood and every taste.  In New York on April 27?   Pop in and hear Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep, among others, at the Poetry and Creative Minds Gala.

You can listen and learn, you can join in, and you can connect with new or more familiar voices.  However you choose to participate, you will be amazed and inspired by reconnecting to literature in verse.

BEWARE:   Bright objects hypnotize the mind!

— Denise Neary, Regular Contributor

PS – Okay – here’s Dana’s Haiku – a tribute to National Poetry Month.  She asks you to be kind since this is the first time she’s written poetry since high school!

April springs anew
with flower, tree, word and verse,
to breathe in and feel.