I’m gonna be honest here… I bought the audio version of Chelsea Handler’s ARE YOU THERE VODKA? IT’S ME, CHELSEA because it was on sale. I had a long drive planned and I wanted something light and fun that would distract me from all the idiots on the road. (Just what you want… another distracted driver, right?) Anyway, I didn’t know much about Chelsea before I started listening except that she was a stand-up comedienne with a late night talk show. Now, I know that she is a crazy, over the top, midget loving lunatic that is well… hilarious.

The book is essentially a series of essays about the trouble Chelsea has been getting herself into since grade school. The first couple of essays are about her childhood where the adult voice and thoughts she attributes to her 9 year old and 12 year old self are completely unbelievable and just kind of weird. But thankfully, she moves from those stories into her twenties where her ridiculousness is way more believable and much more fun.

Though I’m not always a fan of an author reading her own work, for a comedienne, it’s a must. Certainly in this case, it totally works.  Her reading style was not overly rehearsed so it’s easy to listen to and she sounds truly invested in each story.  I basically felt like my friend Chelsea, who is a little bit of an ego-maniac, was on the speaker phone in my car telling me her stories without bothering to ask how I’m doing.

I gotta admit, I laughed out loud multiple times and the drive was much more pleasant than expected. Be warned: if you’re easily offended or a tad prissy, this book is not for you. But if you’re okay with a little raunch and some general purpose political incorrectness AND you would rather not focus on the jerk that just cut you off at the traffic light,  I say go for it.

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor