Show Guests: 

Dana Barrett, Donna Gonsalves and Daniela Garofalo

CollagenBLU  Co-Founders Donna Gonsalves and Daniela Garofalo joined us in hour one talk about living and eating healthy, and the importance of collagen.  They shared their business origin story as well… and let’s just say I love it when friends and neighbors take talk and turn it into action!

In hour two, Steve Boyce, the Regional Manager of Operations for The Fresh Market joined us to talk about refreshing the stores and determining what customers want as well as the changes to the grocery industry on the whole.

Dana Barrett & Steve Boyce

We also had a call with Cathy Woolard, a candidate for Mayor of Atlanta and discussed her recent sweep of endorsements from both local and national LGBT organizations.  We also discussed how the endorsement process works and what it means for candidates.

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