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With Nia Parker and Alex Horwitz from Comcast

VP of Public Relations for the Big South Region, Alex Horwitz, and Director of Human Resources, Nia Parker, joined us in the studio today to talk all things Comcast. Horwitz leads the public relations team in strengthening the Comcast brand through the seven states included in the company’s Big South Region which stretches from Michigan through Florida. Parker is integral in Human Resources which has helped Comcast win awards for it’s great work productivity and environment.

Alex gave us updates on Comcast’s new smart home technology and their cloud DVR service which is about to launch here in Atlanta .  Nia shared some background on Comcast’s recent Atlanta’s Best & Brightest Places to Work Elite Award.

Notable Quotes:

“Comcast is not your father’s cable company. There is a progression in technology.”-Alex Horwitz

“It’s about playing a key role with your business leaders. It’s about getting in the trenches with the leaders and employees.”-Nia Parker

“An employee generally decides to leave a company if they aren’t engaged and if they don’t get along with their leader.”-Nia Parker

“We want work to be fun. A part of that is we have an employee engagement committee.”-Nia Parker

“Everybody wants as much free stuff as they can get but it’s really about feeling engaged.”-Dana Barrett

“You want your employees to understand you are an advocate for them but you are also an advocate for the business.”-Nia Parker

“If you have a video or music on your website that plays automatically turn it off!!”-Dana Barrett

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