In the guest chair: 

Darrah Brustein, Michael Flanigan, Dana Barrett & M. Cole Jones

Darrah Brustein, Michael Flanigan, Dana Barrett & M. Cole Jones

We had a full house on the show this morning! Darrah Brustein of Network Under 40 plus M. Cole Jones and Michael Flanigan with covello joined us to chat about the importance of connection. We discussed the right and wrong way to network and why relationships must come first.

Network Under 40 was created by Darrah to meet the need of young professionals seeking to connect with others and discuss similar interests without feeling pressured into a sale (or date).

M. Cole and Michael founded covello, a collaborative growth company that brings together businesses, products, people and places.

In the headlines:

  • The Atlanta Streetcar has been involved in 2 accidents during the testing phase. In both cases, automobiles hit the streetcars.
  • The Atlanta-based anonymous messaging app Yik Yak has just raised an additional $62 million in funding despite continued controversy.
  • Coca-Cola is planning a new drink. Milk. But apparently it is special milk. That is more expensive and has more good stuff in it, like protein and calcium.
  • Nike has opened a new retail store for women only in Newport Beach, California, noting that its women’s business is expected to outpace its men’s by 2017, growing from $5 billion to $7 billion.
  • Sometimes disruption is good, and sometimes not so much… Aereo, which tried to disrupt the broadcast television industry by providing streaming network TV, lost its battle several months ago in the supreme court and has now filed for bankruptcy.
  • Obama’s immigration plan will impact the tech industry in a positive way, but perhaps not as much as businesses would have liked.

Other stuff:

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