Catarina Gutierrez

Books Editor

Catarina-BioPicCatarina Gutierrez is a freelance travel and lifestyle writer. She has worked in the book world since 2008 and reserves a special space in her heart (and wallet) for local neighborhood bookstores. She started her own personal library (with cards and stamps!) this year and hopes to leave books in every city she visits, thus spreading the power of print worldwide. Catarina is thrilled to serve as Books Editor for and looks forward to meeting a new audience of readers. When not reading or writing, Catarina hikes up hills, gardens, and designs jewelry. Catarina calls Atlanta her hometown and loves the Atlanta Braves. She has traveled to exotic locations like New Zealand and Australia where she completed her first novel in 2013. A coffee snob at heart, she can be found in any city’s hottest coffeehouse or roasting her own coffee at home. She hopes to venture to the coffee farms of Java and Costa Rica very soon. Catarina currently resides in Portland, Oregon where she bikes everywhere and is defending the title of Greatest Aunt in the World


Kevin Adler

Social Media Strategist & Show Notes Editor


As the Social Media Strategist & Show Notes Editor Kevin’s responsibilities include live tweeting the show, putting together the show notes page, and doing his best to keep Dana in check. Kevin is an avid fan of sports and food who will never shy away from a sports debate or a massive meal.

Kevin has a degree in broadcast journalism from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT and grew up in Marietta, GA where he attended Walton High School.