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With Matt Watson and Steven Glasgow

Cofounders of Country Club Prep, Matt Watson and Steven Glasgow, joined us in the studio today to talk all things fashion and startups.

Two guys, stuffy courtrooms and a dream – That’s where Stephen and Matt began, in a nutshell. After ivy league degrees and a combined 14 years of practicing law, the duo decided to ditch their scales of justice in the midst of an economic crisis to follow a shared passion of entrepreneurship by building the first and only online store dedicated to all preppy fashions.

Matt is co-founder of Country Club Prep where he guides the company’s operations and business development. Steve’s role at Country Club Prep includes business development and expansion, where he manages brand relationships and customer engagement.

Notable Quotes:

“I think to succeed and commit to something you have to be authentic with it.”-Country Club Prep

“Shopping should be entertaining and fulfilling for the person doing the shopping.”-Country Club Prep

“There are a million ways to fail every day. We just try not to make bad decisions.”-Country Club Prep

“At the heart of our business we are a lifestyle brand.”-Country Club Prep

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