In the guest chair:


David Gevertz, Dana Barrett & Jeff Kingsley


Jamie Turner & Dana Barrett

The CEO of iactHEALTH, Dr. Jeffrey K Kingsley, MD, DO from Columbus, GA joined Dana for Georgia Small Business Week.  His company was just named a winner of Georgia Small Business Rock Stars.

David Gevertz, a Shareholder at Baker, Donelson was also in-studio to talk non-disclosure agreements and rigged performance reviews.

In the second Jamie Turner, the Founder of Mobile X Festival came by to talk about what an un-conference is all about.  He says the networking and dialogue is what it’s all about.

On the phone:
TV and radio host and author Jeffrey Hayzlett called in to talk about his new book “Think Big, Act Bigger”.  He says know who you are, believe you CAN do it, and whatever dollar figure you have in your head as a goal… add a zero to it!

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