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With Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright, an Attorney with Taylor English Duma, joined us in the studio today to talk all things Crowdfunding.

Notable Quotes:

“Crowdfunding is a way to crowd source money for a particular project.”-Stephen Wright

“Georgia was the second state in the country that put rules in place for in state equity based crowd-funding.”-Stephen Wright

“If it’s a Georgia company and investor all you need is to file a notice with a secretary of state and you can raise up to $1 million.”-Stephen Wright

“A reason small companies use (the existing crowd funding) platforms is that it helps them manage the micro investors.”-Stephen Wright

“Crowdfunding money can be pretty expensive to get.”-Stephen Wright

“The average raise on Kickstarter is $15,000.”-Stephen Wright

“Crowdfunding campaign for Jibo robot has hit $1.75 million and is going for more.”-Dana Barrett

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