TV Writer Hilary Winston’s ex-boyfriend wrote a book about her.  So then she wrote a book about that.  Well that and all the other boyfriends, hook-ups and other miscellaneous men that made up her “who-can’t-relate-to-that” dating life.  If you want to laugh out loud – read this book.  And yes of course MY BOYFRIEND WROTE A BOOK ABOUT ME will be making it’s way to the big screen, so read it now before you’re the only one who hasn’t.

Here’s the official synopsis:

TV writer Hilary Winston offers up a witty collection of autobiographical tales about her misadventures in dating.

Just when Hilary feels like her life is finally in order, she gets a sucker-punch to the gut: Her ex has written a novel based on their relationship in which he refers to her throughout as the “fat-assed girlfriend.” Her response to this affront is just one of the many hilarious stories in My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me–a laugh-out-loud, tell-all in which Hilary sets the record straight on all her exes.

The Reviewers Say:

Er um – the professional reviewers haven’t said anything… really, I googled… but the folks on GoodReads generally thought it was laugh out loud funny – and perfect for anyone who has ever been dumped.  For the record, if that’s not you… you suck.

All Things Hilary (and her exes – and her cats):

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