91ZdvjbujXL._SL1500_Nobody really likes performance reviews, do they?  Even when they’re good, they’re still stressful. (And when was the last time “meets expectations” felt like a compliment?)

But we get way more feedback in our lives then just performance reviews.  There’s the look on your mother-in-law’s face when she sees some dust on the windowsill, the “are you going to wear THOSE pants” from your wife, and the cheers of encouragement from your tennis partner when you do something great.  All of these things are feedback, along with grades on tests, comments from peers, and coaching from mentors and bosses.

So why do we hate feedback so much?  And can we always blame the giver of feedback for it going wrong?

Co-authors Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone say no.  They say there’s a way we (as receivers of feedback) can do better and make the whole thing work for us.

That’s the subject their new book, THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK which I quickly discovered will make a great gift for not only your boss, but maybe even your spouse, parents kids and a few other choice folks on your holiday list!

I had the chance to chat with Sheila last week about the book and if your’e in Atlanta, you can meet Sheila and Douglas at the Georgia Center for the Book tomorrow night – Monday March 17th at 7PM.