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Nancy & Skip Plesnarski with Host Dana Barrett

Nancy & Skip Plesnarski with Host Dana Barrett

Skip and Nancy Plesnarski, owners of the brand new 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Brookhaven joined me on today’s Small Business Spotlight to talk about their decision do retirement the new way – by buying and running a business.  They worked with Dana Barrett Show regular contributor Leslie Kuban (Frannet) on looking at a variety of businesses and chose 18|8 because they wanted to run a business but still wanted flexibility in their lifestyle.  (And of course because they were impressed with the brand and believe that men really do like to be pampered!)

Skip and Nancy, who have been married for 40 years talked about working together but splitting responsibilities and they also talked about the inherent trust factor in working with family.

The Grand Opening celebration for the new store is Wednesday June 11th at 5PM and they have some great deals right now, like 2 for 1 – two full service hair cuts (including a shampoo & condition before AND after your  haircut) so that’s $39 for 2  – which is pretty comparable to the (ahem) cheap places you might be going to now!

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