Do you judge a book by its cover – and more importantly do you judge a person by their book?

CBS News did a story a couple of days ago about the past, present and future of book covers (Judging Books by Their Covers).  They talk about the history of book covers and how people are influenced by them – and if and how book cover art will change with the advent of the e-book.

The story alludes to the fact that we choose books (and their covers) based not only on what we want to read, but on what we want to be seen reading.  Books, the story says, say a lot about who we are.  Whether someone is seeing you on the subway or in a waiting room, or whether they are examining the shelves in your house, they are seeing more of you than an outfit or a smile may convey – and they are very likely making some judgment or other.

So that brings up some interesting questions for me: Do you have any guilty reading pleasures?  Have you ever hidden the cover of a book so that no one would judge you?  Or the opposite – have you ever bought a book on a particular outing because you thought it would make you look smart or well read?

I admit to being happier reading the Twilight Series when no one was looking.  Though since I’m admitting it here means I must not be too ashamed!  I also admit to rejecting some potential online dates who didn’t read at all, or whose listed “latest reads” didn’t appeal to me.  What about you?  Ever judge a person by their books?