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With James Dicke & Expert Contributor Steve Gordon

South City Kitchen Vinings General Manager, James Dicke and expert contributor/Founder of American Dream Launcher, Steve Gordon, joined us in the studio today to talk about two of Dana’s favorite topics… money and food.

Steve Gordon is helping others who have big dreams of starting their own company, or taking their existing business to the next level, by giving them access to the resources and investment they need to achieve those dreams. American Dream Launcher is a combination business accelerator, start-up incubator and creative think-tank focused on helping exceptional entrepreneurs build exceptional companies.

On today’s show Dana and Steve tackled the emotionally fraught and often difficult job of asking for money.

James Dicke has been with with Fifth Group Restaurants since Feb. 2010 and is currently GM of South City Kitchen Vinings. With elements of its big sister in midtown Atlanta, South City Kitchen Vinings brings a combination of energy and comfortable sophistication to a new neighborhood.  On the show today, James talked about some of the restaurant’s upcoming special menus like Tomato Jam which starts this week and he said NOW is the time to start planning your holiday party!

Notable Quotes:

“California based marketing and software company, Marketo, will open a east coast hub in Buckhead.”-Dana Barrett

“Our staples are never going to change but everything else gets tweaked to differentiate us from our location in Midtown.”-James Dicke

“There is always an interesting toss up between spending more to get the freshest, local ingredients or less for mass produced ingredients.”-Dana Barrett

“We try to do three themed menus a year. New Orleans, summer vegetables, and hogtober fest are the three we usually do.”-James Dicke

“It’s amazing how many people have a great idea, product, or service but they have no idea how to launch it.”-Steve Gordon

“Make sure when you ask for money from somebody it’s form a strategic partner who has a plan for the business.”-Steve Gordon

“It’s so important that whoever gives you that money strategically aligns with you.”-Steve Gordon

“If you don’t dream big and aim for the stars you won’t get there.”-Dana Barrett

“Starting your own business isn’t easy. There’s no business that’s easy to do. You have to invest in yourself.”-Steve Gordon

“Until you have something to lose no one is going to take you seriously.”-Dana Barrett

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