In the guest chair:


With Leslie Kuban

Franchise expert and regulator contributor, Leslie Kuban, from Frannet joined us in the studio today to talk about knowing yourself and what you’ll like and be good at.

Frannet has a test called the Proven Match Technology that helps people narrow down what kind of business is right for them and Leslie talked about how and why it works.

She also mentioned that listeners of The Dana Barrett Show can access the test at no charge by contacting Leslie directly for a private link!


Notable Quotes:

“I personally think the best place to start if you are interested in starting your own business is to educate yourself.”-Leslie Kuban

“If you’re in business and you have a family you’re in a family business.”-Leslie Kuban

“We help you pick a business by looking at what the owner will do everyday and their skill set to see if a particular franchise is a good match for them”-Leslie Kuban

“The business world is competitive. There needs to be an inner competitor in you in order to be successful.”-Leslie Kuban

“If you are competitive, always have a smile on your face, and are working extra hard, you will get noticed.”-Dana Barrett

“The largest category of new entrepreneurs is in the 50 and older category.”-Leslie Kuban

“Knowing who you are and what you like is going to help you in your career no matter what it is.”-Dana Barrett

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