Yesterday, I had the privilege of sitting down with the founder and CEO of BrightHouse and the author of THE STORY OF PURPOSE, Joey Reiman to talk about what it means to have authentic purpose… how to figure out what yours is (whether you’re a company or an individual), and the fact that we all have a BS meter that registers when someone’s stated purpose isn’t real.

Those of you who listen to my radio show and podcasts know that I have been busily working my way through all the best business books of the last 10 years including authors like Jim Collins, Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin and others and I have to say THE STORY OF PURPOSE is definitely one of my favorites and I think a “must-read” for everyone who works. ¬†Whether your the veteran boss whose been working for thirty or forty years, or the freshman associate knowing your OWN purpose will help you align with the right company, and making sure your company has authentic purpose will not only improve your bottom line, but your life and the lives of the people you engage with.

If you didn’t catch the interview on yesterday, I hope you’ll tune in to the podcast! ¬†It was fun interview and you may end up thinking about work and business in a new way!