In the guest chair:

Courtney Schickel, Carl Pearson, Dana Barrett and Lynn Williamson

Courtney Schickel, Carl Pearson, Dana Barrett and Lynn Williamson

Ingenious Med‘s VP of Marketing, Courtney Schickel and Software Engineer, Carl Pearson joined Dana live in studio to talk about why it’s important to promote health in the workplace. Marketing and Creative Director of Central Atlanta Progress, Lynn Williamson also joined Dana in studio to share details about Downtown Atlanta Restaurant Week, beginning this Saturday, July 18.

Ingenious Med provides One by Ingenious Med (IM1), the nation’s leading patient encounter platform. It is a cloud based, Web and mobile point-of-care application that automates workflows around the patient encounter, increasing efficiency, quality of care, and revenue through three strategic paths: coordinate, capture, analyze. Ingenious Med develops useful, useable solutions to increase the quality of care, protect and bolster revenue, and most importantly of all, put physicians’ time where it is needed most: with their patients.

Central Atlanta Progress, Inc., founded in 1941, is a private nonprofit community development organization providing leadership, programs and services to preserve and strengthen the economic vitality of Downtown Atlanta. With a board of directors of Downtown’s top business leaders, CAP is funded through the investment of businesses and institutions.

In the headlines:

  • The question of whether services providers in the sharing economy (or gig economy) should be considered employees or contractors is crossing over into the political arena.  Hillary Clinton made mention of the subject in a recent speech, and several executives in the tech arena agree that it’s a topic we need to talk about The problem for the workers/service providers is they don’t get the same workplace benefits as employees do like health insurance and paid maternity leave. The problem for the Ubers and Lyfts of the world is that if they DO pay those things, they’ll have to raise prices.
  • A&P is likely to file bankruptcy for the second time in 5 years which may mean the end of the 156 year old company that was once the largest US grocer.
  • TripAdvisor has named the Georgia Aquarium #1 most popular aquarium in the United States and #2 in the world.  #1 in the world is (Oceanario de Lisboa) in Lisbon, Portugal.  The Georgia Aquarium has had 22 million guests since it opened in 2005 and consistently averages 2 million guests annually.
  • CareerBuilder is expanding in Atlanta.  They’ll be opening a sales office in Buckhead that could hold up to 200 employees.  The company is headquartered in Chicago, but several members of the C-Suite are located here.
  • And the EEOC is suing UPS for religious discrimination.  The problem… they are allegedly not letting male employees in customer contact or supervisory positions wear beards or grow their hair below collar length. And they are not making exceptions for those who wear beards or long hair for religious reasons. Come on UPS – it’s 2015.  Stop the madness.  Enforce a neat and clean appearance and leave it at that.  Just sayin’.

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