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Russ Belin & Dana Barrett

Russ Belin & Dana Barrett

This morning, Dana had the pleasure of hosting three very successful Atlanta Businessmen. Russ Belin, Vice President of Broadway in Atlanta dropped by to give the inside scoop on what show’s you should see this holiday season at the Fox Theatre. In his role, Russ is responsible for all aspects of marketing, corporate partnerships and venue relations. He also oversees public relations initiatives focused on elevating the Broadway in Atlanta brand in the market. BROADWAY ACROSS AMERICA is part of the Key Brand Entertainment family of companies, which includes, under the supervision of John Gore (Owner & CEO).

Dr. Agolli, a regular contributor to the show, is a certified integrative physician and Managing Director for Progressive Medical Center. Progressive Medical Center offers state of the art integrative medicine. They partner with patients, offering options that are customized and using natural and traditional medicine.

Scot Ferrell & Dana Barrett

Scot Ferrell & Dana Barrett

Scot Ferrell, also known as “America’s Behavior Expert,” is President of Success Matrix International, a business and family behavior coach and a syndicated radio host. He’s been known to show up as a vampire on “Drop Dead Diva” and is commonly mistaken for Vince Neill of the rock band Motley Crue, Kid Rock or Captain Jack Sparrow!

In the national headlines:

  • Yay for 2nd place! Elon Musk’s SpaceX finally guided a reusable rocket safely back to Earth after liftoff yesterday.  Alas Jeff Bezos’ company, Blue Origin, beat him to the punch a few weeks ago.  SpaceX employees were quick to remind viewers during a livestream Monday that theirs was a more difficult feat… Blue Origin’s rocket traveled vertically to a “suborbital” 62 miles above Earth, while SpaceX had to reach low orbit — which begins about 100 miles above Earth — and its rocket needed to travel at an angle and at a speed of more than 17,000 mph in order to put the spacecraft into orbit.  Yeah yeah – points for the complicated dismount… you’re still the silver medalist.
  • Martin Shkreli, who was arrested last week for allegedly misleading investors in his hedge funds and raiding a public company to cover the losses is now out of the Chief Executive role in both of the drug companies he was running. He resigned from Turing, (the one he founded – where he bought an anti-parasitic drug and raised it’s price from $13.50 to $750) and he was fired from the other.
  • Don’t worry the show is far from over… the little turd is now busy complaining that he was targeted by authorities because he raised drug prices and because of his ‘over-the-top public persona’. Um no.  It’s because you stole from people.  The reason no one is sympathetic to your case is because while you were bankrupting sick people – you were also out spending $2 million on a rare Wu-Tang record and doing idiotic things like trying to bribe your way into a photo op with Bernie sanders… oh and pretending to have an accent.

In the local headlines:

  • The Arthur M. Blank Group has hired Mercedes-Benz USA President and CEO Stephen Cannon as its new CEO. Cannon will lead all business operations of the Atlanta Falcons, our new MLS team, Atlanta United FC, the Atlanta Falcons Stadium Company, which is the developer of Mercedes-Benz Stadium (scheduled to open in 2017), the PGA TOUR Superstore, and Mountain Sky Guest Ranch.  Mercedes-Benz USA reported Dietmar Exler will succeed Cannon, who will remain as a consultant to MBUSA until the end of January, when he will step into his new role at AMB Group.
  • Georgia State University and Atlanta-based real estate development firm Carter won the bid to redevelop Turner Field and about 70 acres of adjacent property, according to the city and the Fulton County Recreation Authority. Scott Taylor, president of Carter, said the project will be a mixed-use development that will incorporate residential, neighborhood commercial, office, athletic and academic uses.
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is expected to serve passenger No. 100 million before the end of 2015, which will break a record for the number of passengers served at the airport in a year. The airport almost hit the number last year, serving 96 million passengers.  They’re asking travelers to help celebrate by posting pics and travel stories on social media using #‎atl100m.
  • A company that specializes in pizza in-a-cone has signed a deal to bring 10 locations to the Atlanta market. Pizza in a cone, people.  We should start eating all of our foods in a cone from now on.

Other stuff:

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