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With Nancy Chorpenning

Founder and Managing Director of C-Suite Advisors, Nancy Chorpenning joined us in the studio today to talk all things emotions at work.

C-Suite Advisors, LLC offers business advisory services to Business Owners across industries. Our clients are Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Managing Partners of Professional Practices, typically with 5 – 50 employees and revenues of $1 million to $20 million, who are growing and transforming their business from Entrepreneurial Start-up to a Professionally Managed Business, building a business that is (eventually) “sellable,” while maintaining their entrepreneurial energy and spirit. Our specialty is working with women entrepreneurs and business owners.


Nancy also leads peer mentoring for women business owners, and offers webinars on planning, leadership, profitability and strategy among other business topics. In 2014, she is launching two new program series exclusively for women entrepreneurs: CEO School for Women, an Annual Business Growth Program, and Taming Technology Workshops: Today’s Technology for Women Entrepreneurs.

Notable Quotes:

“41% of women have admitted to crying at work and only 9% of men have.”-Dana Barrett

“If you can’t see that you are carrying a big cloud around over your head at work somebody needs to tell you!”-Dana Barrett

“If you have never gotten angry at work I want to meet you and nominate you for sainthood.”-Dana Barrett

“As a boss and a business owner my job is to make it clear to my employees what is expected of them.”-Nancy Chorpenning

“Men are called assertive where as women are called aggressive for the exact same behavior.”-Nancy Chorpenning

“We don’t teach people constructive ways to deal with anger.”-Nancy Chorpenning

“It’s important to think if you’re angry about anything that you can actually change.”-Nancy Chorpenning

“Sometimes you fall so in love with your idea that it’s hard to look in the mirror.”-Dana Barrett

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