End of Year Review & Changes to Your Social Security

In the guest chair:

Don Barden & Dana Barrett

Don Barden & Dana Barrett

Don Barden, regular contributor and author of The Perfect Plan, joined Dana for the first hour of the show to discuss some of the challenges leaders face at the end of the year. Regular contributors, Kasey Gartner and Samantha Holowka of Northwestern Mutual also joined Dana in studio to examine the new legislation on social security.

Don Barden is a senior level behavioral economist and 27 year Wall Street veteran. He is currently the CEO of DDS Financial, a business consultation, accounting and coaching firm and his books are published in over 39 county’s around the globe.

Kasey Gartner, Samantha Holowka & Dana Barrett

Kasey Gartner, Samantha Holowka & Dana Barrett

Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI, and its subsidiaries. Northwestern Mutual and its subsidiaries offer a comprehensive approach to financial security solutions including: life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability income insurance, annuities, Iife insurance with long-term care benefits, investment products, and advisory products and services. Subsidiaries include Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC, broker-dealer, registered investment adviser, member FINRA and SIPC; the Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company, limited purpose federal savings bank; and Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company.

In the headlines:

  • Amazon.com makes a move to show they have a softer side. The company announced last week that they will add a new benefit for new fathers: paternity leave.
  • Let’s talk class action suits. Who doesn’t love those? You know the lawsuits where if they win, the plaintiff’s get a buck or two each and the lawyers get millions. Well, this time it’s even worse. The suit is against Groupon and if the plaintiff’s side wins, Groupon holders who bought but didn’t use their Groupon between November 1, 2008 and December 1, 2011 will get extra Groupon credits and the lawyers will get millions… in cash. Sheesh.
  • And speaking of lame offerings… VW is trying to rebuild trust with the American customers and dealers affected by the emissions debacle. A U.S. car dealer who was briefed by Volkswagen last Wednesday said the company plans as early as today to announce that it will issue two debit cards to owners of diesel-powered cars affected by the emissions crisis. One card will be a simple cash gift that VW customers will be able to use at their discretion. The second debit card would be linked to purchases at a VW dealership. For realz? And then they also say they’ll offer a sales initiative… but specifics of that offering have not yet been announced.
  • Last week, Girl Scout troops in several areas of the U.S. announced that they would hike the price of a box of cookies to $5 from $4, up 25%. The $5 price tag will boost profits for the Girl Scouts to $0.90 per box, up from $0.62 when they were $4. Dana says the math doesn’t make sense… and neither does the cost to produce the cookies which is apparently $4.10/box or $3.38/box depending on your math. Either way what is happening here? A package of Oreos retails at Walmart for $2.98 and we’re sure all the companies involved are making a profit. So – if the math is right – the Girl Scouts would be better off going to Walmart and buying Oreo’s retail and selling them to us for $4 than they are selling their own cookies. Dana’s outraged. Where is the money going???
  • So it looks like the new training facility for our Major League Soccer team, Atlanta United won’t be in Dekalb County after all. It turns out the proposed location in Dekalb would’ve cost too much money to prepare the site. Over $20 million bucks. Sad for Dekalb. But happy for Cobb who will now land the business, putting the new training center on Franklin Road in Marietta.
  • The Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will host their annual business summit and expo at Turner Field this Thursday, November 12 from 8:30AM to 4PM. The free summit and expo will include workshops on imports and exports, raising capital, legal issues and the Affordable Care Act as well as some great networking of course. They also have some great speakers lined up like – Thomas Foster, Jr., the National Spokesperson for MassMutuals’s Retirement Services Division and Jeff Hilimire, the CEO of mobile game and app studio, Dragon Army – who has been on our show.

Other stuff:

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