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With Expert Contributor, Eric Holtzclaw

Dana Barrett Show Expert Contributor, Eric Holtzclaw, Chief Strategist of Laddering Works joined us in the studio today to talk company strategy and the five lies business leaders tell themselves.  The conversation was based on an article Eric wrote for called 5 Lies Business Leaders Tell Themselves.  

Eric is a founding member of multiple successful start-up companies, including one of the first profitable Internet enterprises.

His company, Laddering Works, creates opportunity by strategically applying emerging technologies, trends and approaches to successfully scale and streamline business.

Notable Quotes:

“One of the problems I have with Atlanta is that instead of fixing up old buildings we just build new ones.”-Dana Barrett

“Company leaders often don’t understand the basics of how the company is being run.”-Eric Holtzclaw

“Often companies don’t understand what business they are truly in.”-Eric Holtzclaw

“Investors are a lot more savvy now and they want to know exactly how the money is being spent.”-Eric Holtzclaw

“If you’re not doing anything today to make tomorrow better, tomorrow won’t be any better.”-Eric Holtzclaw

“The more efficient you are with how you deliver goods and services the more money you are going to make.”-Eric Holtzclaw

“If you think you need to educate people on why they need your product or what it is… it’s probably too complicated.”-Eric Holtzclaw

“One of my favorite companies is Zappos because their mission is not to deliver shoes or clothes it is to deliver happiness.”-Eric Holtzclaw

“I prefer complaining over shopping because it’s cheaper.”-Dana Barrett

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