New Year’s is a time for reflection.  Reflection, party hats, and champagne that is.  But before you break out the bubbly – take a moment and think through all the books you read this year.  What was your favorite?  Not your top 10 or a few you really liked… narrow it down, see if you can really pick just one!

Mine was SHADES OF GREY by Jasper Fforde.  I’m going to call it Literary Sci-Fi (Is that a real genre?).  It takes place in a distant future ruled by the Colortocracy where one’s place in life is determined by their ability to perceive color.  Our hero, Eddie, who has better than average red perception wants nothing more than to marry up and maybe be a prefect.  Alas, a little prideful behavior has him relocated to East Carmine where he falls in love with a a Grey.  Not good.  What’s a Red to do?  Buck the system and try to change everything.  That’s what.

This book was thoroughly imagined, quirky and oh so fun to read.  Loved it.  (I’m sure it didn’t hurt that I got meet and interview the lovely Jasper Fforde for the Better World Books Podcast.  Check out the interview if you get a chance!).

But more importantly – share your favorite book in the comments!