Mark your calendars WICKED fans… Gregory Maguire will be back this November with the fourth and final installment in the Wicked series!

The series starts with WICKED, and then moves on to SON OF A WITCH and A LION AMONG MEN.  It will close with OUT OF OZ, due out November 1st of this year.  (Of course you can pre-order now at most of your favorite stores!).  According to, the new book “will feature all sorts of magical mayhem, with the Emerald City plotting an attack on Munchkinland, while the Cowardly Lion runs for his life.”   And fans of the good old fashioned WIZARD OF OZ will be happy to note that “young Dorothy pops in for ‘something more than a cameo.”

Is it just me, or do you see this book under a lot of Christmas trees this year?

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor