People keep saying the economy is getting better and things are looking up – but there are still plenty of people out there looking for work and according to author Ben Hudson things have changed.  Traditional methods of finding a job don’t work anymore.  He describes putting together a resume and sending it out is just a solution looking for a problem.  He says in the new world you have to help your prospective employer define their problems and lead them down a path to believing that ultimately YOU are the best solution to that problem.  And you have to do all that in such a way that they believe it was there idea!

Sound difficult?  Ben says no – he says he has a process that works.  He suggests looking to get your foot in the door with temp to perm situations and project consulting.  And I say in times like these – what have you got to lose?

Ben came by the Midtown Review studios for a chat last week and we talked about the importance of knowing what value you bring to the table and how to get to the decision makers.

Best quote from the interview?  “Any strategy with a time frame is nothing but a wish”.

Ben Hudson is the author of HOW TO FIND WORK WHEN THERE ARE NO JOBS and a long time project consultant.

Enjoy the interview and don’t forget to check out the rest of the author interview series now available on iTunes!

– Dana Barrett, Managing Editor

PS – Tuesday the podcast series is headed back to fiction with Meg Waite Clayton and the newly released THE FOUR MS. BRADWELLS!