There are some things that make no sense to me.  For example, I have a sister who doesn’t like chocolate.  And I have actually met people who don’t like sex.  I guess I can understand the chocolate thing.  It’s a specific taste and if that taste just doesn’t do it for you then okay.  The sex thing is different… I think those people may not be doing it right… just sayin’.  But when people tell me they don’t like to read – I take that as a personal challenge.

The other day I was chatting with a new friend and we must’ve been talking about what I do because she volunteered that she doesn’t read.  And BAM it was like a gauntlet had been thrown down.  A challenge had been made.  It was almost like the universe triple dog dared me to find something this woman would enjoy reading.  So we talked for a few minutes about the few books she had liked and the kind of movies she enjoyed, etc.  and I was ready to face the challenge.  I recommended THE HUNGER GAMES and held my breath.  My book club had just read it and everyone really liked it, and I knew from my own experience that it was a page turner.  I described the plot to her a little bit and could tell she was intrigued.  So, the next day I brought her my copy to read.

I’m happy to report that my friend LOVED the book, has actually read the entire trilogy already, downloaded the Kindle app for her phone and tells me that she now feels like she always need to have a book on hand.  Will she turn into a lifelong reader?  Who knows.  But I do think sometimes getting people (adults or kids) into the habit of reading with something they’ll really enjoy is all it takes.  Is there one perfect book for that?  No.  Everybody is different.  But the good news is there are tons and tons and tons of books to choose from.  Maybe it’s the perfect romance, or a thrilling suspense novel, or maybe your non-reader would love some history or true crime or maybe even a book about their favorite sport.

I guess what I’m saying is take the challenge.  If you know a non-reader – see if you can find that perfect book to get them started.  They will thank you for it, and you will feel like a superhero.  Ahem.  I’m having the Midtown Review logo sewn onto my cape as we speak!

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor