Food, France, School Lunches, and Zuck for President?

Show Guests: 

Rainer Shaw, Ilona Knopfler & Dana Barrett

Rainer Shaw and Ilona Knopfler from Le Bilboquet joined us to talk about the Bastille Day celebration tomorrow with the first ever Atlanta Waiters Race at Shops Buckhead.  The race benefits The Giving Kitchen, so we also talked about restaurant industry trends, minimum wage and the new Industry Fund.

In hour two, Fabrice Vergez, the owner of F&B Atlanta joined us to continue the Food and France theme of the day.  He gave us some of the background of Bastille Day and we talked about Trump’s visit to France.

Dana Barrett & Fabrice Vergez

In the local headlines:

In the national headlines:

  • Afghan girls team can travel to U.S. for robotics contest after being denied visas twice – 1 The $3 Peanut-Butter Club? Startup to Test the Power of Brands  ( )
  • Qatar Airways CEO apologizes for calling US flight attendants ‘grandmothers’ ( )
  • Mark Zuckerberg Hits the Road to Meet Regular Folks—With a Few Conditions ( )
  • 7 MINIMUM WAGE ROUNDUP: A BREAK FOR ST. LOUIS, STEEP HIKES ELSEWHERE – What does it mean for restaurants – if there is no tip credit? ( )
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