When you’re single, Valentine’s Day is… well… kind of a bummer.  (Though I have to admit it wasn’t all that great even when I wasn’t single!)  Anyway, one of the most annoying parts of the whole thing is that instead of just the one day to be reminded of your singledom, you start getting bombarded by ads in mid-January: try this great restaurant, buy your love some roses, blah, blah, blah.

And then today I was glancing through Amazon’s book selection for Valentine’s Day (just to torture myself) and I noticed a trend.  In addition to the expected romantic fiction titles, the books seemed to be mostly on how to find your perfect man, improve your sex life and how to bake delicious chocolate treats.   I think the implication might be that you won’t find your “perfect man”, you’ll find an adequate man and will therefore need to try to improve your sex life.  Of course, when that doesn’t work, you’ll want to go straight for the chocolate.

My suggestion?  Skip steps 1 and 2 this February and go straight for the chocolate.  Just a thought.

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor