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With Dr. Gez Agolli

The doctor is in.  Regular Contributor Dr. Gez Agolli, Managing Director of Progressive Medical Center joined us in the studio today to talk about integrative medicine and how important it is to get the root cause of your problem and not just treat the symptoms.

Dr. Agolli was also happy to weigh in on the automotive industry and talk Teslas with Dana!

Dr. Agolli is a board certified integrative physician with with Doctorate Degrees in Medicine, Naturopathic, Nutrition and Public Health. Progressive Medical Center offers state of the art integrative medicine. They offer options that are customized for the patient by using natural and traditional medicine.

Adam G from Social Save also joined us in the studio today to talk about what’s going on around Atlanta this weekend.

Notable Quotes:

“I think electric cars will have a huge economic impact around the world.”-Dr. Gez Agolli

“Tesla is really smart.  They are creating a  brand and car that people really want.”-Dana Barrett

“Integrated medicine is thinking outside the box and getting to the root cause. Ultimately we like to empower the patient.”-Dr. Gez Agolli

“Chronic diseases are costing Americans more money than any other diseases.”-Dr. Gez Agolli

“Just because the word alternative is used doesn’t mean it’s necessarily wrong or right. What we do is all based on science.”-Dr. Gez Agolli

“I’m a big believer that everything we touch in our lives is business in some way or another.”-Dana Barrett

“My vision for the future is to go back and reeducate all the doctors to better inform them and help get to the root cause.”-Dr. Gez Agolli

“We are doing a huge Sunday brunch party at the W Hotel in Atlanta.”-Adam G

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