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With Charlie Frew, Executive Director of Jerusalem House

Executive Director of the Jerusalem House, Charlie Frew, joined us in the studio today to talk about housing for low income and homeless families dealing with HIV & AIDS.

Jerusalem House is Atlanta’s oldest and largest provider of permanent supportive housing for homeless and low-income men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS. Jerusalem House serves approximately 300 people daily, including nearly 125 children, through four different residential programs

Charlie devotes significant time to community engagement. In fact, he was recently elected Treasurer of the National Board of Directors of the National AIDS Housing Coalition, an agency that works to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by ensuring that persons living with the disease have quality, affordable and appropriate housing.

Notable Quotes:

“Former CEO of Lululemon, Chip Wilson, has sold off half his stake in the company for $845 million.”-Dana Barrett

“Tyler Perry has reached an agreement to redevelop Fort McPherson army base into a new and expanded production studio.”-Dana Barrett

“We have so many solutions and there are so many different things we can do but funding is still unfortunately an issue.”-Charlie Frew

“In 1997 we opened our first facility in Georgia for mothers and children.”-Charlie Frew

“We have 105 units that are master lease units and 35 units that are permanent units.”-Charlie Frew

“Jerusalem means dwelling of peace.”-Charlie Frew

“Structured housing helps put people back on the right track to better health.”-Charlie Frew

“One of our challenges is finding good places to live that are in good school systems.”-Charlie Frew

“We have two major events each year. A silent auction in April and then our biggest event which is a Halloween party.”-Charlie Frew

“One of the things we try to do if we get somebody in the door is we try to educate them a little bit.”-Charlie Frew

“There are two sides to non-profit which are research and being in the field helping people.”-Dana Barrett

“When you get someone off the street you bring down the cost that you spend on them from $180,000 to $1800 a year.”-Charlie Frew

“Top notch customer service and accommodation from Enterprise in Philadelphia this weekend.”-Dana Barrett

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