In the guest chair:


With Founder and CEO of Executive Velocity, Beth Miller.

Vistage Chair & Founder and CEO of Executive Velocity, Beth Miller, joined us in the studio today to talk leadership. Executive Velocity works with fast-growing and mid-sized companies to develop the talent and leadership capabilities needed to become sustainable and successful in the face of complexity. Miller’s insight and expertise has made her a sought-after speaker, and she has been featured in numerous industry blogs and publications.

Notable Quotes:

“I love the ‘question idea’ because as a control freak I’m most likely to say ‘go do this’.”-Dana Barrett

“People, in order to be fully engaged and passionate need to not only use their strengths, but love what they are doing.”-Beth Miller

“If you look around at the successful leadership in this country they’re all different.”-Beth Miller

“The challenge with change is it comes in very, very small steps. Often times people don’t even recognize it.”-Beth Miller

“There are people who are naturally good leaders who like doing it and are good at it.”-Dana Barrett

“As a leader it’s not about you it’s about others.”-Beth Miller

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