In the guest chair: 

Eric V. Holtzclaw and Dana Barrett

Eric V. Holtzclaw and Dana Barrett

Regular show contributor and Laddering Works Chief Strategist, Eric V. Holtzclaw joined Dana on air this morning to discuss 5 steps to scaling your business.

Laddering Works was founded by Eric to educate clients on the “whys” of business: why customers buy, why teams work and the “entrepreneurial why.” As Chief Strategist, Eric guides start-up businesses on the path to professionally managed.

In the headlines:

  • Atlanta based UPS stock is down after they warned that 2014 earnings are expected to drop nearly 30 percent. Revenues were about as expected but expenses were higher than planned as the company tried to restore it’s reputation for on-time delivery over the holiday season.
  • The contentious King family has avoided a trial in one of the pending cases between the children of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Mayor Reed is optimistic that the Republican led congress will spend money on transportation and infrastructure this year. Something both Atlanta and Georgia sorely need.
  • One of Atlanta’s big up-and-coming companies, Yik Yak is relocating to a big new space in Piedmont Center and getting ready to take on Twitter.

Other stuff:

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