We’re off to a good start here in 2010 and looking forward to a booktastic year in 2011!  We’re planning an awesome lineup of author interviews starting in January with CJ Lyons (CRITICAL CONDITION), and NY Times bestselling authors Steve Berry (THE EMPEROR’S TOMB),  Kim Edwards (THE MEMORY KEEPER’S DAUGHTER, THE LAKE OF DREAMS) and more.

We’ll have book club recommendations, debut authors for you to meet, hot titles, industry buzz, author event coverage – and most of all your opinions and contributions!  But wait… there’s more… in January we’ll be launching our snazzy new logo, facebook fan page and we’ll have contests where you can win… wait for it… free books.  So stay tuned!

But for tonight – we recommend that you put your book aside find a designated driver and party your face off… responsibly of course… They’ll be plenty of time for reading tomorrow.

Cheers to you and yours!  See you next year!

— Dana Barrett, Editor