businessman serving gesture cloud securityIt seems like every other day, we turn on the TV or visit our favorite news site only to learn that there’s been another major hack.  I’m over it.  So it seems we have a couple choices… we can either go back to keeping our cash under the mattress and choose to live off the grid, or we can get more serious about protecting our data.  To that end, today’s guest post by David Dunlap from Singlehop introduces us to the idea of a dedicated private cloud.  Could be just what you’re looking for.


With the recent devastating hacks against companies like Sony, Home Depot and Target, cyber security has been thrust into the forefront of everyone’s minds.   And with so much of our data now moving to the cloud (both for individuals and companies), protecting it seems like something we should all be worried about.

Of course, password security is key to protecting your data, but it is only the first step.

It is also imperative that the companies you trust with your sensitive data use secure servers configured in a dedicated private cloud.  These servers protect and isolate stored information, making it harder for hackers to gain access, no matter where they are.

As we move into 2015, many companies (and individuals) are moving forward with migrating to cloud storage.  The advantage of being able to access stored, secure information from any location is hard to ignore. But it’s exactly this instant and easy access that brings into question the security of the cloud.

That is where choosing the right provider for your cloud storage comes in.  Choosing a company like Singlehop for your cloud storage allows you increased assurance of the security of your data while still giving you that instant accessibility from anywhere.

If you’re still not sure you should move to the cloud… think about the benefits.

  • Increased efficiency to both your business and personal life
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Globalizing your workforce
  • Streamlining processes
  • Improving flexibility
  • Easy access to your data, images, videos, etc.

Now think about getting all of that without having to worry about security.  That’s the beauty of a dedicated private cloud.  And really who wouldn’t want their own cloud?  So yeah — you — get off my cloud.  Get your own!

— David Dunlap, Singlehop