My guest today:

44275_10151287311092672_1658139264_aSusan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer at iCIMS joined me on the phone to talk about the challenges of hiring and getting hired in todays digital world.  She shared some tips for job seekers and hiring managers and talked about some of the new ways companies are leveraging technology to help find the best candidates.

Some advice for employers… you are always marketing, even in the hiring process. Susan and I discussed the importance of communicating with your prospects in a timely and professional manner.  Oh, and another thing, try not to make them jump through hoops if you’re not really interested.  That makes people really hate you.

In the news:

On the Soapbox:

Today, on the soapbox we take a look at the Michael Sam kiss, the Donald Sterling remarks, and look back at some doozies like Paula Deen and the Mel Gibson.  But we do it through a business lens.  I was inspired to talk about the money side of these happenings after hearing several defenders play the “free speech” card – wondering why people are getting “in trouble” for saying they don’t like two men kissing on ESPN, etc.  My answer – money.  If a company, team, or movie production company that you WORK FOR is not okay with what you are saying – because they will LOSE clients (i.e MONEY) they have every right to fine you, fire you, ban you for life, or whatever other tools they have in their arsenal.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and legally you can spout off all you want.  But your employer (or the NBA), (or Hollywood) may not be as forgiving.