Today’s guest poster, Jeremy Sanders, Co-Founder of Ideator, says that great ideas come from everywhere. But he also acknowledges that many people with great ideas often need or just want help to to turn their idea into a business. Ideator provides that help to startups and entrepreneurs, as well as to people that just have ideas which is why we invited Jeremy to guest post!

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IdeatorLogoGreat ideas come from everywhere.  Some ideas are for consumer products, some are apps, others are for social good, and the list goes on. Some ideas change as they are being developed and launched. Others are already businesses with products on the market that could still benefit from additional creativity in order to grow and reach new customers.

Ideator is an innovation platform where you can see hundreds of ideas from thousands of people around the world. You can capture as many of your ideas as you like, work on them anytime, and keep them private until you are ready to invite others to your team or make part of your idea public.

Ideator helps people to easily connect and give feedback when it’s convenient for them. Advisors and Investors enjoy the flexibility and early access to cool companies, and Discussions and Resources add more value to people on Ideator, which is currently free.

On December 15, 2015, one lucky Ideator was selected by a panel of expert judges to win $10,000 as part of The Ideator December Challenge. The winner was Atlanta’s Ernest Lessenger and his idea was TrustMesh, a service for companies to share the status of their published APIs with Customers!

Ideator is planning more idea competitions in 2016 and anyone could win. On, you can learn more about the ideas being developed and who’s behind them, as well as upcoming competitions as they’re announced.

Every great business starts as an idea, and every idea starts with someone thinking about what could be. Ideator helps you bring your idea to life, so why not get started?

— Jeremy Sanders, Co-Founder of Ideator