Inbox Zero, Hi-Tech Training & How to be Funny at Work

Stewart Rodeheaver & Dana Barrett

Stewart Rodeheaver & Dana Barrett

In the guest chair:

It’s Monday and its Dana’s birthday!

During the first hour, Dana was joined by Stewart Rodeheaver, President of Vizitech USA. Stewart, a Georgia Business Rockstar, was in to talk 3D, Virtual, Interactive and Augmented reality based training.

Randy Walton & Dana Barrett

Randy Walton & Dana Barrett

During hour two, Dana was joined by Randy Walton, Managing Partner at The Walton Group. Randy dished on the Inbox Zero approach and explained why its important to manage your inbox.

David Nihill, Founder of FunnyBizz and Author of “Do You Talk Funny” phoned in to give his advice on humor in the workplace.


Some sad news this weekend…
▪ Former First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away Sunday at age 94.
▪ Beloved southern author & NY Times bestselling author Pat Conroy passed away on Friday at age 70 after battling pancreatic cancer.    Many of his novels became bestsellers – And two of his novels, The Prince of Tides and The Great Santini, were made into Oscar-nominated films.
You’re not paranoid, you’re actually being watched.  Even when you haven’t opted in.  Wanna know who’s watching?
SpaceX goes up… and comes down… hard.
▪ More big box stores rethinking and restructuring to avoid becoming irrelevant.  (Whole Foods & Staples)
▪ We’re taking your calls on how you figure out if you’re getting a good deal.  Does list price actually mean anything anymore?
▪ Which do you think will appreciate faster in Atlanta… a condo or a house?

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