In the guest chair:


With Julie Crow of Fuel Builders

Principal and founder of Fuel Builders, Julie Crow, joined us in the studio today to talk productivity and wellness. Crow is a consultant who helps strengthen leadership effectiveness and and productivity through through Energy Management and personal wellness. Fuel Builders believes that a healthier and more active lifestyle can not only lead to better quality of life but more productivity at work.

Notable Quotes:

“Love the stability ball chairs. Forces you to engage your core and you’ll only make the mistake of falling off once” –Julie Crow

“Sugar only feels good when you first eat it” –Julie Crow

“Energy is contagious. If you lead with energy people are going to want to follow” –Julie Crow

“A few things that really fuel your energy are not being sedentary, nutrition, being active in general, and getting time for recovery” –Julie Crow

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