In the guest chair:

0619140840a-1Senior Vice President and Retail Omni Channel Executive, Tom McDermott, at SunTrust Bank joined us in the studio today to talk about the new innovation branch at SunTrust Plaza in downtown Atlanta.

McDermott is responsible for interpreting clients insights and behaviors to provide a consistent client experience across branch, ATM and remote video technology. SunTrust has been doing everything they can to implement technology to help make banking with them a more personal and efficient experience.  Tom talked about the company giving him the go ahead to be creative and try some new things.  The new branch takes some of it’s inspiration from the Apple Stores where the people who can help you stand shoulder to shoulder with you instead of behind an imposing counter.

Notable Quotes:

“The Innovation Branch is very bright and visible. We are extending the service offering from 8 AM-8 PM for more flexible customer service.” –Tom McDermott

“If you’re looking somebody in the eye even if that’s over a screen I think that’s going to be a huge improvement in customer service.” –Dana Barrett

“One of the things we’re testing right now is a zone concept to help address different needs in different areas of a branch.” –Tom McDermott

“We are the first U.S. bank that has a robotic safe deposit system.” –Tom McDermott

“Traffic Court treats you like a first grader that just blew up a trash can!!” –Dana Barrett

“It’s all a part of their plan to torture us as much as possible so that we’ll pay as much money as possible just to get out of there!” –Dana Barrett

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