Innovation in Cancer Treatment, Plan for your Retirement NOW, and Weinstein’s Woes continue!

Show Guests:

Dana Barrett & LoriChmura

– Lori Chmura, CEO of  Dune Medical 


George Schofield, Author of “HOW DO I GET THERE FROM HERE? Planning for Retirement When Old Rules No Longer Apply”

George Schofield

In the Local Headlines:
  • Moody’s Analytics study: Atlanta should be on Amazon’s shortlist for HQ2:
  • IRS suspends Equifax  $7.25 million contract that was just awarded in September:
  • The Atlanta Housing Authority may be about to give a $120M discount to a real estate developer no requirement that affordable housing be built on the land.  The old AHA leadership approved the new deal.  The current leadership is saying it’s no good!:
  • Early voting begins Monday for DeKalb sales tax and city leaders:
  • Atlanta Mayor’s race 2017: Early voting begins Monday:
In the National Headlines:


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