You’re not supposed to talk about money in polite company.  Good thing I’m not polite.

In the guest chair:


Leslie Kuban and Dana Barrett

Regular Contributor Leslie Kuban of Frannet has helped over 300 people transition from corporate life into being business owners.  One of the biggest hurdles for her clients… their relationship with money.

Leslie joined me in the studio today to talk about why money gets in the way – and some ways we can change our thinking and maybe, just maybe get out of our own way.  During our conversation, we referred to two articles.  One about $75K being the magic number for being happy.  Studies have shown that people who make less than $75K are not as happy but people who make more are no happier than the $75K earners.  Weird, right?  We talk about why.  And we also touched on an article by Suze Orman about not letting money define you.

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