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In the guest chair:


With Donna Adamo from ARCADIS

Communications Expert and Director of Client/Project Communications at ARCADIS, Donna Adamo, joined us in the studio today to talk about the art of communication.

Donna was a News Anchor for the CBS affiliate in Syracuse, NY for 13 years and now teaches engineers how to communicate as well as speaking to companies and organiaztions about the power of good communication.

Notable Quotes:

“As human beings we have an amazing ability to hear something but not listen to it.”-Dana Barrett

“The only thing worse than meetings are meetings about meetings.”-Donna Adamo

“10% of disagreements are due to what is said and the other 90% are due to the tone in which it is said.”-Donna Adamo

“If every company had a line on their spread sheet about poor communication and it’s impact they would be shocked.”-Donna Adamo

“We are so hyper-connected that we are disconnecting with each other.”-Donna Adamo

“The biggest mistake we make in communications is that we don’t listen.”-Donna Adamo

“Both speaking and writing are huge issues that we aren’t really taught in school.”-Dana Barrett

In the headlines: