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Jon Kendall & Dana Barrett

Jon Kendall & Dana Barrett

Polsinelli’s Jon Kendall joined Dana live in studio to discuss Ebola and how we’re handling the situation as a nation and “Getting Things Done” author, David Allen called in to talk personal and organizational productivity.

Plus, Adam Gajdharsingh of joined the show for our weekly Work Hard/Play Hard segment, highlighting events in Atlanta.

Dana mentioned Ecco’s Retour Wine Dinner with renowned winemaker, Lindsay Woodard. Get all the details here:

Polsinelli is a national law firm with over 740 attorneys located in 19 offices including a growing Atlanta location.

In the headlines:

  • Atlanta Braves Executive Vice President of Business Operations, Mike Plant says people who are criticizing the team’s request for tax breaks on building materials for the new stadium are “narrow-minded.”
  • The TV show “Sleepy Hollow” has been renewed for a third season and production is moving here to Atlanta (because of the tax breaks).
  • Atlanta leads the nation in income inequality. That’s a title we probably don’t want. World’s busiest airport is good, but this title… not so much.
  • And y’know that Georgia bill we’ve talked about that’s going to put a cool billion toward transportation projects? Apparently it’s not enough. The Georgia Senate is looking to revisit TSPLOST (a penny sales tax) that would ALSO go to transportation. The big difference? The current bill will focus almost entirely on STATE roads and bridges while TSPLOST is needed for local roads AND to create or improve public transit. Here we go again.

Other stuff:

Can we really get more done with less? Join The Dana Barrett Show Business Book Club as we discuss ZILCH: THE POWER OF ZERO IN BUSINESS by Nancy Lublin on Monday, April 20th at South City Kitchen in Vinings! Get all the details and sign up to attend here:

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